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RECOOD is a new video recording application to instantly and easily record and share the experiences of their lives directly from their smartphone any time from any location. 'It should be simple and beautiful' is a fundamental concept of Recood. Also Recood is planned to add analogue sensibility rather than digital.

Social Network
Instantly and easily share the experiences of people's lives with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


Beautiful Live Broadcasting Service

Users can broadcast personal lives, events, or any accidents anytime and anywhere just using a smartphone. Now ordinary people can be the first reporter, producer, singer, or any others. Hope that this make people's lives more meaningful and enjoyable.

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  • 2012. Nov

    Recood released for the iPhone Application

  • 2011. Jan

    Open the Olleh-Onair service (Korea Telecommunication)

  • 2010. Jun

    Release the iPhone Application & open the iPhone Service

  • 2009. Jul

    Ahiku Corp. receives Venture Enterprise Certification from the government of Korea

  • 2009. Jul

    Ahiku Corp. is established

AHIKU was established in July 2009.
What we do
AHIKU develops live broadcasting platform and service that help people communicate more efficiently, and provides a new concept of video service that combines social network services.



Coming Soon

AHIKU is preparing many subsidiary services and new products. Whenever it's ready to get off the ground, we will introduce it here.


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